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HD113 Priorities for Stephen Stanley


●      Property Taxes - Texas must keep the property tax relief in place and increase property tax relief for all families.

●      Jobs - The Texas economy must be kept thriving by a government that supports businesses and keeps taxes low.

●      Healthcare - The state and federal governments need to return to patient-centered policies with the goal of lowering costs for all patients.

●      Energy - We must protect our energy industry to maintain energy independence as Texans.

●      Seniors - Texas owes it to seniors as a country to make taxes & healthcare low for those on a fixed income.

●      Education - The State of Texas must strongly invest in our schools to empower future generations with the knowledge to succeed in society and in the workforce.

●      Transportation - Road funding is critical to Dallas County to ensure that our roadways remain safe for drivers, traffic is kept to a minimum, and businesses are encouraged to invest here.

●      Economic Leadership – Texas must develop a deep water port on our Gulf Coast to further enhance Texas’ Economic Leadership in America and the World.


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November 5, 2024
Committee to Elect STEPHEN STANLEY
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